Life Insurance

Life Insurance is designed to pay out if you die early and unexpectedly.

For when the unexpected happens

Life Insurance is designed to pay out if you die early.  Most people who take out this type of protection take just enough to pay off their mortgage… But is this really enough?

For some of us, our mortgage is only one of many financial commitments we have, such as loans, credit cards, childcare costs etc.

Most of these commitments won’t go away if one of the breadwinners die. Modern protection products can offer life cover that can pay out as a lump sum or as a monthly income. You can even combine both types in one policy to give your family protection that covers the mortgage and provides an income they may need to live in the family home and continue to pay the bills.

We can provide you with a free, no obligation quote to give you an idea of the costs involved in putting this type of protection in place.

Remember, Life Insurance comes in a variety of different and flexible forms, including:

  • Level Term Assurance
  • Decreasing Term Assurance
  • Increasing Term Assurance
  • Family Income Benefit
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